Commercial Storage

Jewells Removals & Storage offers cost efficient flexible storage solutions for commercial businesses. 

Delivery Service

Your inbound and outbound deliveries can be handled though Jewells, so you don’t have to wait for drivers to arrive and ensure the driver unloads them appropriately. Your outbound packages can also be handled by Jewells for pick-up by your courier or transport company.

To discuss your individual needs contact our office on 07 4638 7391.

Mini Warehouses

Mini Warehouses offer businesses the storage option you need for any size business.

Our Mini Warehouses and smalls shops start at 18m2 up to 600m2. We have serviced multi-national clients like Kmart, Harvey Norman and Sony Ericson.

All businesses enjoy serious flexibility and service options listed below in addition to being able to expand or contract your storage space needs as your business needs.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wireless connectivity is now available in our facility. This allows business customers to log on to the internet and communicate in our storage facility.
You can check e-mail, communicate with clients and suppliers, so operating from Jewells could be all the space you need.

Fax Service

Need to use our fax to send and receive your faxes? We can help you to receive and send orders, quotes and documents so you don't have to return to the office unnecessarily.

Coffee, Tea and cold Drinks

Tea and coffee is available to make your visits to our facility just that little bit more comfortable because we understand that you might need a pick me up between meetings or while you're collecting products from your storage unit.

We also stock a range of cold drinks.

Contact our knowledgeable team about a tailored Storage solution for your business.