Our History 

Moving Toowoomba Library 1980’s Kevin, Pat and Ben Jewell (3 generations) Stephen St Depot 1972  International Prime Mover and Fruehauf Trailer Vince Jewell – International AACO At James Street Depot 1960’s with Tail Load

1966 – AACO 180 International - James Street Depot  1950’s near Dalby KB 6 International – Backyard James Street (hospital in background).  Note:  Roof Load

KS 5 International 1950’s	 KS 5 James Street Depot Leyland Comet – Western Queensland 1950’s

T Jewell Toowoomba Show Semi Trailer at James Street Depot 1972 1935 Dodge

Kevin Jewell – “bogged again” KS 5 Carting Army Tyres after World War II KS 5 International James Street Depot

K2 International Toowoomba Show 1950’s 1st and 2nd Prize Toowoomba Show 1950’s Backyard James Street Depot

James Street Depot	 Aerial shot of James Street Depot and Houses. Note: Hospital in Background 1960’s KS 5 International in Toowoomba

Bogged in Wallangarra  K Jewell on left hand side Leyland Comet and KS 5 – 208 James Street Leyland Comet – 1960’s near Cairns Cab and body built by Vince & Kevin Jewell

Studebaker & Kevin Jewell James Street 1950’s Crossing Brisbane River near Kilcoy Crossing Brisbane River near Kilcoy

Waking up near Inglewood Loaded with Aeroplane Belly Tanks  KS 5 International around 1950 Loaded with Aeroplane Belly Tanks  KS 5 International around 1950

T Model Ford 1935 Dodge in country James Street depot in 1950’s

Backyard of James Street Depot 1950’s 1935 Dodge at 2 Warren Street, Toowoomba Family Home T Jewell (taken around 1935) 1930 Dodge on the Highway

1st Carnival of Flowers Tom Jewell – Horse & Cart/ K Jewell and Alf Jewell in truck Kevin Jewell and helpers  1917 International at Carnival of Flowers Company Fleet – Stephen Street Christmas 1970’s

Nullabor Plain – November 1966 New office 45 Stephen Street 1972 P Jewell – Ayr C1800 Acco International 1982

1987 T Line International Prime Mover & Trailer 1830B International at Rear Leader Prime Mover and Trailer  1980’s 1989 Fur 950 Isuzu

100 year Staff Celebration 1995 Line up of Company Vehicles Mother’s Day Charity Run 1990’s	 1917 International

1970 Nissan Patrol Workshop Vehicle 2150 Acco B International  Road Train enroute to Darwin 1980’s Leader Road Train enroute to Darwin 1990’s

New International and Trailer 1995 The Old and the New 1987 The Monument, South East of Mt Isa