Are my goods insured while we are being moved?

No. Please check with your current insurer if you are covered and what is covered! If not, please speak with our office about your options.

What happens if I can’t be at the property when the furniture arrives?

You should arrange to have a person who will act as your agent and who can take delivery of your goods at the time you have agreed with our office. You should inform Jewells that you have appointed an agent and provide us with their contact information. If you can’t do this, you may need to make arrangements with our office to store your goods until you can take delivery. This may result in a storage fee, extra handling charges and a redelivery fee. Under no circumstances will Jewells deliver your property to an address without you being in attendance.

When do I have to pay for the work that is done? Do I have to pay up front?

At Jewells we believe in providing our customers with personal service and attention to detail. After providing you with a quotation for your removal, once you are happy with our quotation we require an acceptance of quotation form signed and 10% booking deposit to book your removal. The balance due will be payable on uplift for Interstate Removals, Removals out of town and Removals to Storage. Local removals in most cases you will pay the balance on completion of the removal. This will be clearly stated on the quotation.

Can I pack my own cartons?

Yes, you can pack your own cartons but always use industry standard removal cartons. Please remember that if there are any breakages in those boxes, Jewells will take no responsibility for incorrectly packed cartons. You will also need to check with your insurer as most will not cover goods packed by you. Jewells can provide packing services for you.

Will the removalist remove their shoes/boots when walking in the house?

No, due to Workplace Health & Safety. If you are concerned about your flooring, you should mention this to your removal team. As we have excellent coverings available that give protection.

Am I expected to give the removal team any food or drinks when they are working?

You are not expected to do this. However, providing water for the workmen is much appreciated.

Where can I get packing materials?

Jewells have a complete range of cartons and packaging materials available at our office and online.

Will Jewells move my plants?

Yes, but please consult with our office to discuss your plant moving needs. In circumstances where you are moving goods into storage, storing plants is not practical. In some instances, moving plants interstate is forbidden, depending on State Importation laws.

Can I move food?

If the removal occurs on the same day and all boxes and jars are properly sealed, this is possible. No food will be accepted for storage unless it is canned or vacuum-sealed.

How should I prepare my fridge?

This should be emptied and wiped clean throughout. If it is going into storage, wiping the interior with vanilla essence will help keep any mildew at bay. Our removal team will stow your fridge in accordance with our storage manual and manufacturers recommendations.

Is there anything I have to do to prepare appliances and machinery for removal?

You should always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is not Jewell’s responsibility to prepare appliances for removal. You should pay special attention to manufacturers’ instructions for washing machines, dryers, computers, fridges and television sets. If it left the factory in a flat pack or dismantled format, then that is how it should always be transported. Furniture is not built to travel full of contents – all furniture must be empty when moved. Lawnmowers and other gardening equipment should have the petrol drained from the tanks. If you are sending these items interstate or into store, they will also need to be cleaned. Please don’t forget the BBQs as these need the gas bottle removed and the fat tray emptied and cleaned.

If my furniture is wrapped in plastic, will it sweat in storage?

The plastic covers used by Jewells to cover furniture are specially designed for this purpose. However, if your furniture is leather we will use removal blankets as an alternative.

Do Jewells Removals have the correct vehicles and equipment to handle my furniture?

Yes, Jewells operate a fleet of fully enclosed Furniture Removal trucks equipped with high quality removal blankets and packing materials manufactured exclusively for the furniture removal industry. This ensures that your valuable furniture items are covered and protected whilst being moved.

Will you pack my china, glassware and other household effects?

We will pack as much or as little of your household contents as you request.

Will you give me an accurate quotation?

Yes, we will. You just need to provide Jewells with an inventory of your furniture to be moved. Click here to fill out and send the Inventory Form to get an accurate quotation. You can also call into our office and pick up a physical copy of the Inventory form.

In some cases, it may be necessary for us to have an experienced estimator call out to your house to assess exactly what you require. Once our representative has your inventory we will be able to answer your questions and offer advice on all aspects of your removal.

Why should I use an AFRA removalist?

Using an AFRA Removalist affords you the protection you are seeking. Because of the strict membership criteria, AFRA members are recognised as professional companies who are committed to performing an efficient and trouble free removal.

What are the criteria for choosing a removalist?

  • Ask people for referrals
  • Obtain a list of qualified removal companies from the Australian Furniture Removalist Association
  • Do the staff receive regular training, wear uniforms?
  • Is the equipment, warehouse, clean and well maintained?
  • Value for money, given the services that are provided
  • How much of their business is repeat business?
  • Is a written quotation available?

How much notice does Jewells need went moving?

Our System is flexible but we suggest you book as soon as you know, where and when you need to move. We are generally booked 2 weeks in advance. But of course at times we can be fully booked out 3-4 weeks in advance.